Timothy Johnson,

Former NC GOP Vice Chairman/ Buncombe County GOP Chairman and

President of the Fredrick Douglas Foundation

"We are at a crossroads in country and in our state.  As conservative Republicans in North Carolina must not look at this governor's race as business as usual. I urge each of you to check out former Superior Court Judge Paul Wright and to vote for him in the primary.  Paul Wright will be a governor for all people and will be of key help to all of us who are trying to turn our party and state to a more conservative direction. Do the right thing and vote your conscience in the primary.  Our party and state  will be the winner. This May 8th vote right, Paul Wright. "- Timothy Johnson 

Tom Tancredo

US Congressman (1999-2009)

Republican Presidential Candidate 2008

"There is a great line in "Fiddler on the Roof" when the Rabbi is asked if there was a prayer for the Tsar. He thought for a moment and the said, "God bless and keep the Tsar --- far, far away from us." That is the prayer we should all now be saying about our own federal government. We desperately need state officials who will stand up for liberty and that requires guts. I am convinced Paul Wright is a man with that mindset and courage. These qualities are all too rare in politicians in either party today. 
If you cast your vote for Paul Wright you can, regardless of the outcome of the election, know you did the right thing. Vote Right. Vote Wright! "- Tom Tancredo

Jim Allen 2012 US Congressional Candidate

"To all NC citizens: We face the most challenging times in recent history. It is a necessity may 8 that we show more care with our primary vote than we have in over 100 years. We face a multitude of problems in our state and country that only a steady, moral, educated and forthright leader can begin to solve. Our next Governor will have to have and hold a monumental amount of courage, have a real understanding of our problems with compassion for "we the people" to stand up against political pressure, rhetoric, and the "norm." Only one man fits the bill. This man is Paul Wright."- Jim Allen

Michael Alvarez, Mayor of Indian Trail, NC

 “North Carolina must meet challenges that it has never had before If we are to keep our remaining freedoms and constitutional rights, we must elect somebody that understands these challenge. I believe that Judge Paul Wright is the man that best understands these challenges. Therefore, I enthusiastically endorse Paul Wright for NC Governor and encourage you to vote for him in the may 8th primary for NC Governor.” - Michael Alvarez 

David Waddell, Town Councilman Indian Trail, NC

" It is with honor that I endorse Paul Wright in his candidacy for North Carolina Governor. For those who are looking for a candidate who values the fundamental principles our State and Nation were founded upon, Mr. Wright is the right choice!” - David Waddell



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