Marriage Amendment - This vote will determine our culture and define us as a state. North Carolina should not break from her Christian heritage. Let us join our sister states who have already voted for marriage.

Agenda 21 - I oppose Agenda 21 and "sustainable' development and "sustainable" long term plans for NC. Central planning is against the private property rights and freedoms of our citizens. For more information on this movement, research: Agenda 21, sustainable development, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Maurice Strong.

Jobs - in our present economy, jobs are extremely important and if elected governor I would support those businesses that create jobs. My main goal would be to lower taxes and decrease government regulations in the business sector.

Illegal Immigration - We must also uphold the legal differences between a citizen and a noncitizen; otherwise, our citizenship simply has no meaning or value. Arizona, South Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, Alabama, Oklahoma, and other states are now standing in this crisis gap. While Congress continues to fail America concerning the rights of citizenship let North Carolina act differently and stand up for the rights of her citizens.

Gun Control - The "right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" - these words are identical in both our North Carolina and United States Constitutions. Today, this freedom is constantly assaulted. The people have a right to defend themselves and protect their families. I resist the efforts of gun confiscation and control.

Limited Government - I support the Tenth Amendment which was written to prevent Federal officials from exercising power that belongs to the states or the people and prohibits totalitarian socialism or communism. North Carolina should join the other states now honoring the Tenth Amendment and who are seeking redress for its violations in Obama Care, gun control, property rights and martial law under NDAA.

Regional Unity - As governor I would strive to reduce the current strife between regions of our state. It is unfair to tax all of North Carolinians for certain projects in any one area of the state. This practice should cease. Let state government be equally for the good of all.

Drug testing for welfare recipients - I favor periodic drug testing for welfare recipients similar to the program in the state of Florida. (Note-the program in Florida has been sued in federal court by the ACLU and the outcome is still undecided.)

Voter ID - I favor a photo ID law for North Carolina, requiring all voters to show a valid photo ID at his or her polling place; such as, in the states of Indiana, Kansas, Tennessee, and Georgia.

Forced Annexations - I am against forced annexation by municipalities without a vote of those being annexed. The Legislature took a step in the right direction last year and we should expand this good beginning.

Personhood Amendment - I support an amendment to the North Carolina Constitution declaring that all humans are to be treated as persons, including babies at conception in the womb. As a people, we must stand for the defenseless and the voiceless.

Military Detention - I encourage our Legislature to study the bill passed a few weeks ago by large margins in the Virginia Senate and House of Delegates. This Virginia bill deals with the new law signed by the President on New Years Eve allowing the military to indefinitely detain U.S.citizens without due process of law. ( for more information on this, research - NDAA 2012 detention)

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